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Make Your 2017 Resolution To See Australia


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What is there to say about travel that hasn't already been said? There's countless quips and cliches on the subject like 'travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer' or 'people don't take trips.. trips take people'. However, if you want to sum it up, for us it's simple, we just love it!

What better way to declare that love than with a resolution to make 2017 the year you explore the very best of Australia?



Traveller enjoying the view on the beach

See The Places In Between

Sure you might have a destination in mind but your resolution is to SEE Australia. While your destination will always be there waiting for you, you might find it's the places in between that really satisfy that travel bug. By choosing any one of the flexible travel options on offer at Greyhound you can get a real taste of Australia by hopping on and off along the journey, exploring the towns, sites and sounds that most people miss.

Your resolution On Your Terms

No one likes to travel on someone else's terms so why should you be made to? After all it's your resolution. We've got four flexible travel options to choose one designed to suit your adventure. Want a quick trip to the next must see hot spot? We've got you covered! Want to hop, skip and jump your way around Australia? We can handle that too! Or maybe you want the ultimate in flexibility and to travel in any direction, anywhere you like... well guess what? We've got that covered too!

Go Big With Your resolution

It's a new year, a blank slate and it's not the time to think small. You want to see Australia so plan to see every part of it. We operate 365 days a year with a network that covers the majority of this great country. If you want to explore from Melbourne to Cairns or from Adelaide to Darwin or anywhere in between then all you need to do is book yourself a seat. What about those who want to kick 2017 off with an adventure? We’ve got a huge range of experiences and tours ripe for the picking from Fraser Island Tours to The Great Ocean Road. The hardest part is choosing which one to do first!

Man chilling out in the water - Fraser Island

The Year Of Travelling (in comfort)

Greyhound travel may be affordable but it definitely doesn't feel that way! Australia is a big place and if you're going to see all of it you better get comfortable. While you might be used to cramped aeroplane seats and getting a little to close to the stranger next to you, this is your chance to stretch out and get comfortable. Every Greyhound coach comes standard with oversized leather reclining seats, free on-board WiFi, USB chargers in every seat and, in the spirit of seeing the country, oversized panoramic windows.

Friends having fun at a new years eve party

So when you the clock strikes midnight and everyone starts telling you how they're going to quit smoking, lose weight, and get their dream job, you can look them square in the eyes and say 'this is the year I'm going to get out and see Australia!'

Start planning your Australian adventure today!