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The 2018 Australia Bucket List For Locals

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Kangaroo on the beach

While most of us Aussie locals dream of exploring international destinations, we often ignore the incredible places we have in our very own backyard! So, this year, we challenge you to make the most of, and not take for granted, the amazing country we live in, with these eight bucket list items for locals!

Bucket List Item #1 - Get to The Beach More

Sure, not everyone lives close to the coast line, but those who do shouldn’t take this granted. In other (usually larger) countries, some people go their whole life without stepping foot in the ocean and when we have over 47,000km of incredible coastline, there is NO excuse!

Bucket List Item #2 - Hold A Koala

Sounds cliché, but how is it possible that so many tourists have held a Koala, yet chances are, you haven’t?! Regardless of your age, a trip to the local wildlife sanctuary or the Zoo is always a great day out and an easy way to tick this item off!

Bucket List Item #3 - Go to K’gari, Fraser Island

Indian Head at K’gari, Fraser Island

It’s World Heritage Listed for a reason people! So, make 2018 the year that you pack up the family and head to this little slice of paradise (that’s what K’gari means, paradise)! NB: you will need a four-wheel drive for this adventure!

Bucket List Item #4 - Shop Locally

While going to the local supermarket or shopping centre is convenient, a local farmers market is never too far away and is a great way to support your local business owners while purchasing Australian made goods and produce.

Bucket List Item #5 - Get Up and Watch The Sunrise

Sunrise over the beach

Bucket List Item #6 - Book A Domestic Getaway

Whether it is Fraser Island (and you tick two off the list at once), or you head somewhere else, your mission is to visit somewhere you have never been before in Australia by the end of the year! When you are there, take a photo and tag us (#greyhoundaustralia) so we can see where you got to!

Bucket List Item #7 - Go to Uluru And Learn About Our Indigenous Culture

Now, this will be a big trip for most, but it is well worth it! Known as the spiritual heart of Australia, Uluru, located in the Northern Territory is a must visit for ALL Australians.

Witness some of the most incredible sunsets, meet the locals and learn about our indigenous culture at this serene destination.

Can’t make it to Uluru? There are plenty of places you can learn more about our culture that are right on your doorstep… or not far from it!

Bucket List Item #8 - Learn to Surf

Surfer Girl Carrying her surfboard into the water

Going back to bucket list item #1, while your at the beach, why not give surfing a go? Along the 47,000+km stretch of coastline, we are spoilt with so many surfing hot spots that attracts international visitors from all over the world. Why should they have all of the fun? Grab yourself a board and hit the surf!

As Australia’s ONLY national coach provider, there aren’t many places we can’t take you. Let us be apart of your journey and lets tick this bucket list off together!