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Young man packing for a trip

Wherever your adventures take you, packing for a trip is never a fun task. With the fear of forgetting something, over packing or just not having the right stuff handy, it can be a stressful experience. So, in this blog we’ve broken it down to ensure, at the least, you’ll nail your on-board luggage the next time you hit the road with us.

#1 The Basics

Passport and tickets

Passport. You won’t get very far without it, and make sure it is valid for at least six months beyond the date you plan to return home! Along with your passport, have your cash and credit cards in a secure ‘zipped’ travel wallet. (TIP: always travel with two cards that you can withdraw money from and keep them in separate locations. That way, if the unfortunate happens, and you lose your wallet, you have a backup card you can use).

In addition to the above, always have your travel itinerary handy and any hostel/ hotel reservations close by so you don’t have to dig through all of your backpack when you arrive.

#2 The Extras

Young woman sleeping on a coach wearing an eye mask

An eye mask. For your own personal dark space when you power nap (or sleep if you are travelling on one of our overnight coaches).

Noise cancelling headphones. These are perfect for getting you to sleep, or ideal to use as an excuse if you don’t fancy chatting to the person in the seat next to you.

#3 The Essentials

Two backpackers feeling the effects of food poisioning

Medication! If you are travelling with any kind of condition, even just a cold, remember to pack this in your carry-on luggage. Even if you think you won’t need it for the journey - it’s better to have it close by! This also includes reading glasses!

#4 The On-Board Showering Tools

Packing toiletries for a trip away

Face wipes! Embrace that “Ahh” feeling as you give yourself a little pampering while on the road. Oh, and don’t forget Hand Sanitiser, perfect for that post bathroom stop. Lastly, pack your deodorant, lip balm and moisturiser… It’s the little things that make all of the difference.

#5 The On-Board Entertainment

Woman travelling on the bus while using an Ipad

If you have a tablet or laptop, great! If not, our smart phone will do the trick to keep you occupied while you’re on the road. Email your family and friends back home or edit those pics you’ve been taking and upload them onto the Gram! The free on-board Wi-Fi can be used in many ways! (TIP: Pack your chargers and make use of the free USB chargers).

And there you have it, the top 5 things to pack in your carry on! The great thing about travelling with Greyhound Australia as you get plenty of luggage allowance (so you don’t really have to worry about weight restrictions*), and if in doubt when packing, make a LIST!

Did you find this blog helpful? If so, tag us #GreyhoundAustralia the next time you are on one of our coaches so we can see you ‘pack-game’ in action!