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Start Planning Your Christmas Travel


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Believe it or not, in just a few weeks the big man in the red suit will be cramming into your chimney with a swag full of presents. For many of us Christmas might be the only time during the year we travel across the country to see our friends and family, get to our favourite holiday spot or disconnect from work and enjoy some real down time.

While it all sounds great on paper what it often means is you and the family pile into a tiny car, with a seat that starts to get uncomfortable after about 20 minutes only to join the hoards of travellers cramming onto the roads with hours of stressful driving ahead of you.

What if we told you it didn’t have to be that way?




Greyhound Australia Coach

Beat The Stress

There’s no doubt about it, driving in traffic is stressful; You need to concentrate for hours on end, you might be battling a GPS (who half the time seems lost itself) and maybe you have arguing kids in the back seat…Imagine if you could get someone else to do the driving! Well with Greyhound you can. Let our drivers take care of it while you sit back in your comfortable, leather recliner and enjoy the ride – have a snooze, read a magazine, hang out with the family or just sit back and enjoy the picturesque views through the oversized panoramic windows. It actually changes the whole dynamic of the holiday and means you instantly get to relax rather than waiting hours or even days until you get to your destination.

Keep The Kids Entertained

Child with iPad

Are we there yet?!?... It’s the infamous cry from the kids in the backseat and when they start yelling it moments after you leave your suburb, you know you’re in trouble. There’s only so much entertainment eye spy and car games can provide but that’s where the modern Greyhound coach steps in. With free on board WiFi and USB chargers in every seat, you and the kids can stay connected and be entertained the second you step aboard. Plus with on board restrooms you won’t be stopping every 15 minutes for bathroom breaks!

Travel Your Way

Person on coach

It’s your Christmas holiday so why shouldn’t you travel your way? At Greyhound we believe in flexibility and that’s why we have a range of travel options to suit you and your family this silly season. Plan on making multiple stops along the way, visiting friends and family or just checking out the best summer holiday spots on offer? Why not Hop On Hop Off with flexible travel valid for 6 months! Going from point A to point B but don’t want to miss out on the hidden gems in between? Give our Short Hop pass a go. This one’s valid for 30 days once travel commences and you can get on and get off as much as you like. But for the ultimate flexibility in your travel you can’t go past our KM Pass. Choose how many KMs you want to purchase and travel/backtrack as much as you like PLUS it’s valid for 12 months.

With the silly season just around the corner, it’s time to get smart with your travel and book a seat with Greyhound. Get to your destination on time, safely, well rested and, of course, in a good mood! Book your travel today.