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The Best Games to Keep Your Kids Busy When You Travel


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The sheer thought of travelling with children can conjure up images like that of a horror film, and the longer the trip, the harder it can become to keep your little angel’s behaving as such. This is why it’s always a good idea to have some fun and engaging games up your sleeve. The truth is, traveling doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Instead, it can be quite the opposite if you have an arsenal of appealing activities at your disposal.

Here are some of the best choices we’ve compiled that will ensure your next family holiday doesn’t end up like a scene from Problem Child.

I Spy
I’m sure you can remember this classic from your childhood. This is an all-time favourite that’s simple, fun, and everyone can get involved. First, find something that’s in view of all players and begin by saying “I spy with my little eye, something . . .” and you fill in the blanks with a clue for the others whilst they try to guess the answer. I have very fond memories of this game; desperately searching for that obscure object my father had chosen before my brother had a chance to guess. Another great thing about this game is that it will allow your child’s critical thinking skills to develop as they begin to think outside the box for creative answers.

Name that tune
This is one for the whole family. Using your CD player, iPod, or whatever device you have at your disposal, play the first few seconds of a song then press pause, and challenge the kids to sing the next few lines of the lyrics. To make it even more exciting, give out bonus points if they can name the song title and the singer or artist. I recall some pretty heated karaoke battles over this gem, belting out those classic Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson tunes on those long road trips. So, whilst it’s all about having fun, I think it would be considerate to think of the other passengers after playing this one for the 4th straight hour! 

Take a deep breath, it’s not the type that was present during our colonisation. A player simply thinks of a word, which is then represented by a dash for each letter. Players then guess one letter at a time. A correct guess merits a letter written in its appropriate spot and an incorrect guess results in a portion of “the hangman's” gallows being drawn. The game comes to an abrupt end by either the entire word being spelled out, or the gallows being drawn. Whichever comes first.

Hangman game

The A to Z Game
Make your travels into an educational journey. This can be done with fruit, vegetables, animals. . . pretty much anything. This was a great way for me to learn about some of those more unusual creatures. . . like “A for armadillo”, the intriguing bony-plate covered mammal from South America. More the merrier for this one, as all players must name something from the chosen category and beginning with the current letter. If they can’t, they sit out until remaining competitors can no longer name something with the letter in play. The last thing we want is the kids to be bored, so to avoid the rug rats getting restless, it’s strongly advised to impose a time limit for answers.

The A to Z game

Word Search (Find-a-word)
Word search games are timeless favourites for kids of all ages! There are dozens of word search books available from your local newsagents or bookshop. With a selection of websites offering a “create your own find a word”, why not try this for your budding wordsmith. Create your child’s very own fabulous fairy tale word search, or for the boys a superhero spectacular. The options truly are infinite.

Pencils, crayons and colouring books
Let’s not forget the fundamentals. Colouring and drawing have kept kids quiet for decade upon decade, perhaps even longer! Get out the ‘good ol’ faithful’ colouring book, where kids can learn to colour in (or outside) the lines. Or even better, give them free rein to allow their exuberant imagination to run wild. Nurturing your child’s artistic side is not only loads of fun for youngsters, it also plays a vital role in developing healthy emotion, cognition, and memory. Just another massive bonus while you get some well-deserved “me” time.

Mobile games
It’s almost like kids these days are born with a tablet or smartphone attached to their hand, so it’s a good idea to have some apps installed on your device of choice. Or better yet, you can download them while travelling, as all Greyhound buses come equipped with Wi-Fi! If you want a guaranteed way to give yourself a few moments of peace of quiet, then here’s a selection of games that your kids will love.

Father & son playing games

Angry Birds iTunes, Google Play ages 7+
Cut the RopeiTunesGoogle Play ages 7+
Not only highly engaging, these are also great choices for your developing child’s abstract thinking capacity.

SquiggleFish iTunes ages 3+
Your child’s artistic side will flourish as they witness their creations come to life.

Peekaboo Barn iTunes Google Play ages 2-5
Marvel as your child becomes familiar with the names and sounds of the animals in this interactive learning environment.

LEGO Duplo Train iTunes Google Play ages 1-5
Allow your child’s imagination to be set free as they take on the role of the train driver and become master of their own creations.

It’s true, that sometimes travelling with kids can turn your family holiday into a disaster, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Remember, Greyhound buses are kid friendly zones! You can have the time of your life travelling with the entire family. No matter if you choose high tech gadgets and video games, or go the old fashioned route, there are many different ways to keep the kids entertained for hours on end. And before you know it, they won’t realise how fast time flies even on those long journeys, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury that Greyhound has to offer. From toys to games, puzzles to pictures, you and your children’ will feel right at home on a Greyhound bus. To travel in comfort, visit Greyhound today.