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Top Tips For Travelling Solo Around Australia


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Whether you’re looking to find yourself or simply push yourself outside your comfort zone, travelling solo is a great way to discover the world while discovering yourself.

But before you set off on your own, familiarise yourself with these top 5 tips for travelling solo in style!




1. Save Yourself Some Hassle & Plan Lots Of Activities

Without a travel buddy to plan your day with, you can easily stress yourself out trying to plan your own itinerary. Or, you can save yourself the trouble by booking some organised tours and day trips ahead of time.

Organised activities take a lot of hassle out of planning your day, such as transportation, accommodation and sight-seeing, while ensuring you experience the best gems on offer. OzExperience has plenty of packages to suit the solo traveler, with flexible options to suit your budget and spontaneity.


2. Stay In A Hostel


Hostels are full of solo travelers, which makes them a great spot to stay if you're on your own. You'll get to meet lots of interesting people from all over the world who you can share your travel experiences and tips with, and you may even find yourself a travel companion for your next destination! If you're more on the introverted side, don't worry about having to put yourself out there. Many solo travelers are open and eager to talk to other people, and sooner or later some of them will come your way.

In addition to meeting new people, most hostels also will also hook you up with local attraction discounts, free WiFi and 24/7 reception so you’ll be in good hands.


3. Stay Connected To Stave Off Homesickness


Being so far away from home on your own can be difficult, even for the most adventurous, free-spirited of travelers. But homesickness is only temporary and can be managed with just a little connectivity to your loved ones. To ensure you're able to stay in touch with your friends and family, scout out WiFi hotspots ahead of time for each of your destinations and download apps that allow you to video-call overseas, like Facebook Messenger, What's App and BBM. Also be sure that you and your family/friends have a way to keep track of the time-zone differences, there are apps to help with this but it’s just as easy to add more clocks to your mobile phone.


4. Leave A Copy Of Your Itinerary With Friends & Family


One downside to travelling on your own is no one knowing where you are at all times. Of course this can also be pretty liberating, but in the interest of your safety you’ll want to be locatable. So long as you’re staying connected with family and friends as per tip #3, send them a copy of your daily itinerary so they can keep an eye on you from afar. If you have an iPhone, be sure to turn your “Find My iPhone” and “Find my friends” settings on, and brief your family/friends on how to use these settings so they can find you in an emergency.

For an added layer of protection, you can subscribe to the service, which allows you to enter specific information about when you should return from a specific trip or outing. If you fail to check in, the site will attempt to contact you, your emergency contacts or your local authorities if necessary.


5. Stay Safe With Emergency Money

Like most backpackers, you probably want your travels to be budget friendly, but no matter how money-savvy you are, unexpected things can happen that may require emergency funds. Set up an emergency credit card, such as a Travelex Cash Passport (which isn't a real credit card, but allows you to load multi-currencies all on one card) and don't be afraid to use it in the event that you arrive at your accommodation and don't feel safe or you'd rather take a taxi home rather than walking late at night.

Ready to travel solo? Start by mapping out your Aussie adventure!