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Compare Our Fare Types

When booking your ticket make sure you choose the fare that best suits your needs. Compare the difference of our Early Bird, Advantage & Premium fares below.

Early Bird


Do you know exactly where you are going and what time you want to be there, with no plans to change? All you are after is a great deal right? The early bird is for you.

Great value, non-changeable, no cancellations or refunds, No premium upgrade. But hurry these seats are in limited numbers.

After a deal but also want a little more flexibility for changes. Get the Advantage it’s the best of both worlds. Changeable up to 24hrs prior to departure, no cancellations, no refunds, no premium upgrade. But get in quick limited seats available

This offers all the flexibility, travel plans can change at the drop of a hat. Greyhounds Premium fare has full availability to the capacity of the coach seating with the ability to Change up to 15 mins prior.

If you Purchase a Premium Upgrade with this fare you can also cancel, get a refund or change to an open dated ticket for 3 months. Once your travel plans can be confirmed you can then book a seat.


Not permitted

Not permitted

Not permitted


Not permitted

Up to 24 hours prior

Up to 15 minutes prior


Not permitted, loss of total fare

Not permitted, loss of total fare

Yes, open dated ticket for 3 months.


Not Permitted, loss of total fare

Not Permitted, loss of total fare

Yes, if premium upgrade is purchased at the time of booking.