Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

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Right now, you can see the Great Barrier Reef and help ensure it stays preserved for future travellers.

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It’s likely you already know that the effects of climate change and pollution have taken a direct toll on the Great Barrier Reef. Poor water quality, coral bleaching, and over 236,000 tonnes of micro plastic rubbish ending up in our oceans each year, are just some of the problems the reef faces today.

But the reef is not a lost-cause, and that’s why Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef are working to help the reef.

About Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

The Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef platform is a collaborative movement designed to help the Reef. The Citizens Platform is the first of its kind and is designed to unite researchers, existing organisations, and everyday people like you to work together and help create a brighter future for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

From supporting the world-class projects working to improve the reef’s ecosystem and conserve marine life, to asking everyday people to commit to simple actions like using less plastic or bringing your own coffee cup; everyone can join in and become a Citizen of the Great Barrier Reef.

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1. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system and is so big it can be seen from outer space. It’s around the size of 70 million football fields which is roughly the same size as Italy, Germany, Malaysia or Japan.


2. Listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef attracts over 2 million visitors a year. That’s a lot of snorkelling!


3. The reef is home to 10% of the world's fish species - that’s 1,625 different types of fish, including the clownfish, made famous by the animated film Finding Nemo.


4. It’s not just Nemo and his friends who call the reef home. Over 133 varieties of sharks and rays, 30 different types of whales and dolphins, 215 species of birds, and 6 out of the 7 species of the world’s marine turtles depend on the reef’s eco-system for survival.


5. The reef is made up of over 600 different types of coral.


6. Climate change is the Reef’s biggest threat. Rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, extreme weather events, and the coral bleaching we are seeing on the reef are all visible effects of climate change.


7. Whilst the challenges the reef faces are immense, there is hope. From ditching plastic straws to being a conscious traveller, everyone can play a part to help the reef.


1. Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef are the world’s first collaborative and independent movement for the Reef.


2. The movement is spearheaded by Andy Ridley, the founder of Earth Hour.


3. Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef have built the ultimate sharing platform designed to showcase the most innovative, inspiring and impactful projects working to help the reef right now.


4. The perception that the Reef is dead, and the apathy that comes with it, is one of the main challenges the Citizens movement aims to address.


5. Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef are creating an online community of organisations, researchers, and everyday people making both big and small changes to help the reef. Whether you live close to the reef, or are sitting in an office in London, you can get involved.


6. If you wish to become a Citizen of the Great Barrier Reef, the easiest way to get started is to check out these 6 simple actions.


7. You can find out more about Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef here.