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My Greyhound

My Greyhound is a single place on the Greyhound Australia website where you can view and manage all your travel information and be rewarded by participating in our Loyalty Program. You will no longer have to remember multiple booking numbers and pin numbers, simply type in your email adress and password and access all your bookings.

Logging in with your booking number will prompt you to create a My Greyhound account.

How do I sign up?

To get started simply create a My Greyhound account, fill out a few simple details and start organising your travel!



Join our Loyalty Program and get your 6th trip free!

My Greyhound Loyalty Program

Are you a regular passenger on Greyhound Express services?

  • Brisbane <> Hervey Bay*
  • Brisbane <> Toowoomba*
  • Cairns <> Townsville
  • Sydney <> Canberra**
  • Melbourne <> Canberra

If so, the My Greyhound Loyalty Program is the best way for you to get rewarded for your travel. For every 5 bookings you make for trips from our pre-selected origin & destination, you will receive your 6th booking absolutely free!

How do I redeem a Free Trip?

Login to My Greyhound and view the Trip Tracker. If you have all 5 trip credits, you are able to redeem a free trip.

Start the booking process for a trip that qualifies for redemption. When you are on the payment step, you will see a notification at the top of the page entitled Redeem a free trip informing you that the trip can be redeemed. Simply click the checkbox labeled Redeem this trip.

The page will be updated to indicate you have opted to pay for this ticket by redeeming a free trip earned via My Greyhound Loyalty Program.

How do I earn and apply trip credits?

Each trip that you make within your selected travel corridor applies a trip credit, earn five trip credits and you can redeem a free trip.

The easiest way to apply a trip credit is to ensure you're logged in to your My Greyhound account when you make your booking online. Trip credits will automatically be applied to your account while logged in.

If you have booked a ticket online whilst logged out, booked via a Travel Centre, or booked over the phone, you can manually apply your trip credit. Simply login to your My Greyhound Account and select Add booking to account, then enter your booking details.

Please note: Greyhound Australia's Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and My Greyhound Terms and Conditions apply.

Manage Your Subscriptions

You can update your interests and subscriptions to reflect what you want to know about.

Update Your Information

My Greyhound also allows you to manage all your travel in one location. See an overview of your travel history, active bookings and customer details.


*Includes Brisbane / Brisbane Domestic Airport / Brisbane International Airport

**Includes Sydney / Sydney Domestic Airport / Sydney International Airport