My Greyhound Terms & Conditions | Greyhound Australia


Terms & Conditions

  1. Travel must be from and to the below listed Origins & destinations in either direction.
    • Brisbane <> Hervey Bay*
    • Brisbane <> Toowoomba*
    • Cairns <> Townsville
    • Sydney <> Canberra**
    • Melbourne <> Canberra

  2. Your free trip (6th trip) must be less than or equal to the lowest kilometre trip value.

  3. Five bookings must be made prior to receiving your free trip (6th trip).

  4. You must redeem your free trip (6th trip) before accruing any other trips.

  5. Free trips can only be redeemed for one way express travel.

  6. Through trips (where Loyalty leg is part of longer journey) are not able to be included in the program.

  7. Bookings will be added to your Loyalty Account:

    • Automatically, by logging into your account online prior to completing your booking or;

    • By entering your booking details into your account after the booking has been made. This is the best way to redeem if you have booked your ticket over the phone or via a Travel Centre.

  8. Bookings valid for redemption must be no older than 30 days, from the ticket purchase date.

  9. Bookings which have not yet been travelled on will not be added to your Travel Tracker until the travel date has passed.

  10. You can only be a member of one Loyalty Program at one time.

  11. If you change Loyalty Programs any trips previously redeemed on your account will be lost.

  12. Once a booking has been added to your account and appears in your Travel Tracker, you will not be able to redeem it again, even if you change programs.

  13. All Travel Pass tickets cannot be redeemed for free trips as part of the Loyalty Program.

*Includes Brisbane / Brisbane Domestic Airport / Brisbane International Airport

**Includes Sydney / Sydney Domestic Airport / Sydney International Airport