Package Deals

By combining our luxury Coach travel with experiences, tours, accommodation, and even food and drinks on some occasions, we are able to bring you the best ‘value for money’ travel packages in Australia. So, save on your next adventure, and choose from one of our Packages today.

New Whimit and Accommodation Packages
See Australia on your schedule, while having the security of knowing you have a bed to sleep in with one of our Accommodation Packages. Packaging our Whimit Travel Pass with two of the best hostel providers in Australia, we’ve created the perfect travel and stay packages for any traveller. Regardless of where in Australia you’re looking to travel, or the duration, our Accommodation Packages provide the ultimate flexibility. So, enjoy your trip on the fly and let us ensure all your travel and accommodation needs are covered prior to hitting the road.
Events Packages
Australia plays host to a huge range of world-class events, from major sporting spectacles to massive celebrations of music, food, the arts and everything in between. We’ve partnered with the biggest sporting and cultural events in the country to offer unbeatable travel packages, so you don’t miss any of Australia’s must-see moments!
Wildlife Packages
Dreamt of holding a Koala or getting up close with a Kangaroo? Have a love for the ocean and all of its inhabitants? Thanks to our trusty mates at Australia Zoo and SEA LIFE, your dreams can become a reality with one of our Wildlife Packages. Covering both entry and travel from Brisbane or Noosa daily, let us take care of the finer details so you can come face-to-face with our country’s incredible wildlife.
Outback packages
Considered the spiritual heart of Australia, the Aussie Outback is a destination like no other. From wide, brown spaces that seem to stretch on forever to rugged mountain ranges and spectacular gorges, the Outback reflects Australia’s unique identity. A visit wouldn’t be complete without exploring the heart of the country, the Red Centre. The area’ greatest attraction, Uluru, is also one bucket-list item that needs to be experienced. Explore the ancient landscape and learn more about Australia’s Indigenous culture and history with our one of our Outback Packages.
Islands Packages
Did you know that there are 8,222 islands within the marine waters of Australia, and it would take you over 22 years to see them all if you visited one a day! Talk about travel GOALS! But, for those of us that do not have the luxury to give up a good portion of our lives to go island hopping, we have hand picked some of our favourites to ensure you get to see the best ones