The Cairns Wildlife Dome is a true Zoo in the city. With regular guided tours and animal presentations throughout the day, this attraction is an interactive learning experience about rainforest wildlife with great photo opportunities in any weather


Entry to the Wildlife Dome gives you access to the informative presentations and talks that are held throughout the day as well as the Cairns Zoom.

Enclosed in a 20 metre high glass dome on top of the Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns, this is a fantastic all weather attraction where you can interact with the animals in a natural setting and for the more adventurous try the challenge ropes course (extra cost).

Once inside you will immerse yourself in the rainforest environment where parrots, cockatoos and other native birds to the Wet Tropics fly freely around you. There are animal talks almost every hour and the opportunity to have your photo taken cuddling a koala, holding a crocodile, turtle or sugar glider.

There are four exhilarating adventures including a mid and high adventure ropes course, Power jump for extreme adventure and an external dome climb.

The ropes course consists of 65 elements of crossings and ziplines including one that takes you directly over the top of the resident saltwater Crocodile, Goliath!

Entry: $24 / 220 KM