Travel Base Sydney <> Cairns 10 Nights

Starting and finishing in two of Australia's most iconic destinations, it's obvious why this travel and accommodation package is the most popular! Make your way up, or down the East Coast at your own pace between Sydney and Cairns on our Hop On Hop Off Travel Pass, and book your accommodation along the way using your 10 night Bed Hopper Pass!

Base Accommodation Base Backpackers divers off magnetic island
Base Accommodation Base Backpackers divers off magnetic island

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  • Travel pass between Sydney and Cairns or vice versa
  • 10 Nights Bed Hopper Pass


A Bed Hopper Pass is a perfect addition to a Greyhound travel pass. Their hostels are modern, clean and offer legendary facilities and bars.

This Pass can be used at all Base, Nomads and affiliate hostel properties along the east coast, putting your mind at ease as you know you have a bed each night to rest and recover from your adventures.


  • This package is available for one way travel between Brisbane and Cairns and you can start travel in either as long as you travel in one direction only.


  • Travel is valid for one way travel only
  • Once you have commenced travel you cannot change direction
  • You have 12 months to start travel and once started you have 3 months to complete travel
  • The Bed Hopper Pass is provided by Base Backpackers and can be used at any Base, Nomads and affiliate properties in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand
  • To book your hostel nights, you will need to contact each hostel
  • We recommend you book as far in advance as possible to confirm your nights. During peak times, hostels do book out well in advance

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