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Backpackers Guide to Uluru: Why You Need to Visit

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Uluru - Wine

Uluru, is one of the world’s largest rock formations. This fact alone makes Uluru a must see for any traveler. It is made of arkosic sandstone and stands 348 meters above the desert floor, with an incredible circumference of 9.4 km. If you are lucky enough to witness a sunrise or sunset over Uluru, you will be immediately taken by the stunning landscape and the ever changing, vibrant colors surrounding this natural icon.

There is much more to Uluru than its vast size and the breathtaking visual experience, as it plays a crucial role in the culture of Australia. It’s a very sacred part of the Aboriginal creation mythology or dreamtime, as it’s known within the Aboriginal culture. Uluru is also considered one of the greatest wonders of the world and one of the most distinguished natural icons of Australia. The rock’s cliffs, fissures and caves contain countless numbers of engraved artwork (petroglyphs) and they tell the story of the country’s ancestors.

For Australia’s Aboriginal people, Uluru represents the essence of their culture, traditions, spirituality and society. It is the time when gods, living mortals and ancestors come together to delve deeper into the customs and heritage of the Aboriginal people. Uluru is also the core of everything in their culture. Many tourists and backpackers from all parts of the world visit this place for its amazing historical value. This has also been a popular destination for those who want to understand more of the Australian identity.

Still unsure whether it is the best backpacking destination for you or not? Here are five reasons why you need to see it.

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1. Uluru has an incredible historical significance standing for over 600 million years

Uluru, considered as the outback of Australia, is a very powerful symbol of the country and has helped define the identity of the Aboriginal and Australian people. The rock was formed over 600 million years ago and was originally sitting at the bottom of the sea. Now, it’s incredible to imagine that it stands 348m above the desert. It is one of the most astonishing natural wonders of the world and there’s so much to experience in this world-renowned expanse. This sandstone rock towers over the dunes, and it’s an extremely important site for many indigenous people over the last ten thousand years. It has since become a very popular tourist destination in more recent times.

2. Uluru boasts a unique location

Did you know that 2.5kms of its bulk is actually underground! It stands west of the Simpson Desert, not far from the 'Red Centre' of Australia and is about 335km southwest of Alice Springs. The rock also contains an assortment of interesting cracks, caves, canyons and other natural formations that will give any backpacker a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Many visitors might have seen advertisements and photographs featuring Uluru, but nothing prepares anyone for the physical impact brought by this great destination. Its absolute immensity dwarfs all things around it. Uluru has also obtained its reputation not only because of its unique location and landform, but also due to the effect the sun has on its colour and appearance.

Uluru - Kangaroo

3. You can explore it in just a few hours

One of the best ways to enjoy and experience this spectacular icon is simply by walking Uluru. This will also allow you to get intimate with this highly respected and sacred site in Australia. You can take a closer look at its interesting features and discover every little detail of this Australian outback. You can complete the Uluru Base Walk and get more familiar with the beauty of the place in about 3.5 hours. During your walks, the stunning views and sceneries of the landscape will certainly absorb you.

4. Experience the unique Australian culture at Uluru

A trip to Uluru is also about understanding and experiencing its spiritual and cultural significance. This will allow you to experience the history, customs and culture of the Anangu - The traditional landowners. To this day, it is still Aboriginal land, jointly managed by Parks Australia and its traditional owners – Anangu.

5. Uluru offers an amazing natural environment like no other

If you want to experience a relaxing and adventurous backpacking experience, visiting Uluru is the best thing to do. Its arid environment is actually home to a number of animals, birds and plants. Visit Uluru and witness a spectacular sunset and sunrise that will make your backpacking experience unforgettable. Seeing the rock change in different hues of crimson and terracotta as the sun sets is really an unforgettable experience.

Uluru will definitely give you an outstanding backpacking experience you will never forget. Giving you a glimpse of the Australian history, culture, tradition and identity. No trip to Australia will really be complete without exploring the dazzling beauty of Uluru. Make the most of your Uluru journey now! Simply book your trip with Greyhound and you will surely have an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life!