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$20 from every Whimit Pass donated to tree planting projects

Looking for a way to explore Australia? Then look no further than our travel passes! Our passes offer you the choice, flexibility and freedom you need to explore our country’s diverse landscape.

Check out our quick comparison guide to help you choose the pass that’s right for you!

PLUS! Greyhound will donate $20 from every Whimit Pass sold in June to Landcare Australia's tree planting projects. That means 2 trees will be planted on your behalf to help protect local endangered species, including our iconic koalas!


There are two kinds of Whimit Travel Passes to choose from, depending on your travel plans — National and East Coast.

Our National Whimit Passes give you unlimited access to Australia’s largest coach network — travelling on any route and in any direction — for your chosen amount of time. Think of it as your ultimate way to see Australia's reefs and rainforests, outback and wildlife — or both!

The East Coast Whimit Passes allow unlimited travel along the East Coast on any of our services between Melbourne and Cairns, back and forth in any direction, for as many consecutive days as purchased. Get ready to plan nothing, do everything!

If you’re a frequent commuter, you can’t go past our popular Commuter Passes. Offering superior value for money, it’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to travel between Sydney and Canberra, Brisbane and Toowoomba, or Cairns and Townsville!

Travel Pass
National Whimit
from $329
East Coast Whimit
from $289
from $299
Travel in any direction green tick yes green tick yes green tick yes
Travel on any route green tick yes
Unlimited trips No, travel between Melbourne & Cairns only green tick yes
Unlimited distance green tick yes green tick yes
Hop on hop off travel green tick yes green tick yes
Add extra days green tick yes green tick yes
Manage pass online green tick yes green tick yes green tick yes
Max travel days 120 days* 90 days 180 days

*120 days of travel available with purchase of 120-day National Whimit Pass. †90 days of travel available with purchase of 90-day East Coast Pass. ††Max 25 trips with 180 days to use the Commuter Pass


How do I book a trip with a Greyhound travel pass?

You can manage your pass and add trips through My Greyhound account, or by entering your booking number and PIN on the Manage Booking page. Just type your origin, destination and date into the availability search and choose the trip that works for you!

What amenities can I expect on the bus?

Our buses come with free WiFi*, USB chargers, air-conditioning, reclining leather seats, and a restroom.

*Please note: WiFi connectivity is only available on East Coast services and in Telstra coverage areas.

What is my booking number and PIN?

If you purchased before 24 June 2024, you received a PIN number to edit your Ticket, Pass or Package details on our website. The PIN number is no longer required, please use your email address to access your Ticket, Pass or Package details on our website.

How do I get a refund for my travel pass?

Once you have commenced travel on a pass there is no refund available. If you have made the purchase and decide you no longer need it before you have made any trips, we can arrange a refund, less a 10% cancellation fee.

How do I change booked trips on my travel pass?

You can do this at any time online in your My Greyhound account if you have an one set up, or by visiting Manage Booking and entering your booking number and PIN. Online changes can be made up to 1 hour prior to departure. You can change or delete trips, or add new ones, as many times as you like. To change your booking via our Call Centre up to 15 minutes prior to departure, please call 1300 473 946.

What do I need to show the driver when I board the coach?

Once you have added your trips to your pass, simply show the driver your booking number when it’s time to board the coach (no need to print anything out - your phone is fine!). Make sure to have some photo ID handy in case you are asked to present it.

What happens if I don’t turn up for a trip booked on my travel pass?

If you are travelling on any of our Whimit Travel Passes, you will be able to re-book the trip, however you won’t receive any additional days.

If you are travelling on any of our Commuter Passes, you will forfeit that trip.

Can I transfer my travel pass to someone else?

No. Each pass is unique to the person it was originally issued to. If you no longer need your pass, please call 1300 473 946 for assistance.

Can I choose the number of days on my travel pass?

Yes! You can create your own Whimit pass and choose between 7-60 travel days on our National or East Coast network.

Can I add more time to my travel pass?

Yep, sure can! You can grab a top-up of 1, 3, 5 or 10 extra Whimit Days (depending on the pass you originally bought) in Manage Booking or by calling us on 1300 473 946.

Our Commuter Travel Passes can’t be upgraded. If you need more trips, simply purchase a new Commuter Pass.

What’s the difference between a ‘Ticket’ and a ‘Pass’?

A ticket allows you to travel between an origin and a destination at a specific time chosen at the time of booking. A pass, on the other hand, allows you to make multiple journeys on the one booking, with the freedom to choose your origin, destination and time at a later date!

What are the different types of Passes?

The National Whimit Travel Pass offers travel without limit, and is determined by days, not distance or destination. Travel in any direction to absolutely any of our 180+ stops around Australia, for as many consecutive days as you have purchased.

The East Coast Whimit Travel Pass allows unlimited travel along the East Coast on any of our services between Melbourne and Cairns, back and forth in any direction, for as many consecutive days as purchased.

Finally, Commuter Passes are for passengers who regularly travel between the same two destinations, allowing them to purchase their trips in bulk for a discounted price.

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