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Hop On Hop Off Passes - Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to backpacking around Australia, you can’t beat a good old road trip. What’s even better than that, you ask? A road trip where you don't have to drive, worry about having an international license or insurances - that’s where we come in!

As Australia’ ONLY national coach network, and having been driving across the country for over 112 years, it’s safe to say we know these roads better than anyone else! But, which travel pass is the best for you? In this blog we are breaking down all of our frequently asked questions about our Travel Passes, so you can decide which one will work best for you!

Hop On Hop Off Passes

Surfers walking into the ocean

Our Hop On Hop Off passes are by far our most popular travel pass for those looking to travel across Australia (especially the East Coast), and explore our beautiful country.

When looking into this product, you do need to know where you are going to start your travel e.g. Sydney, and you can only travel in one direction. So, it is a good idea to map out roughly what cities and towns you want to visit along your journey.

Key Info:

  • Our Hop On Hop Off passes are valid for three months from the date you commence your travel.
  • You can only travel in one direction e.g. Sydney > Cairns OR Cairns > Sydney.
  • We make booking your travel as you go super easy with our online booking management platform.
  • Three month extension available.

The Passes we offer are:

  • Sydney > Cairns or Cairns > Sydney (by far, our most popular pass).
  • Brisbane > Cairns or Cairns > Brisbane.
  • Melbourne > Cairns or Cairns > Melbourne.
  • Cairns > Alice Springs or Alice Springs > Cairns.


Short Hop Pass

Young woman enjoying the view at the Blue Mountains

Our Short Hop Pass is perfect for the traveller who has limited time, but is looking to get a taste of Australia’ beauty by travelling a shorter distance on the road! They are also a great pass if you are working and travelling so you can travel and explore short distances before commencing work in your new destination!

  • Similar to our Hop On Hop Off passes above, these passes are one directional, so you must know where you want to start.
  • These passes are valid for 30 days from the date you commence your travel.
  • One-month extension available.

The passes we offer are:

  • Sydney > Byron OR Byron > Sydney.
  • Sydney > Melbourne OR Melbourne > Sydney.
  • Sydney > Brisbane OR Brisbane > Sydney.
  • Darwin > Alice Springs OR Alice Springs > Darwin.
  • Alice Springs > Adelaide OR Adelaide > Alice Springs.
  • Brisbane > Melbourne OR Melbourne > Brisbane.

KM (Kilometre Pass)

Packing items for a trip, hat sunglasses, camera, and maps

Our KM Pass, aka Kilometre Pass, offers the ultimate flexibility. The key difference between the KM pass and our Hop On Hop Off Pass is that;

  • You are not restricted to one directional travel, i.e. you can back track as much as you like!
  • You can start and finish where ever you like, AND
  • You can cash in your ‘kilometres’ in and use them as a currency to purchase accommodation and experiences through Greyhound Australia e.g. snorkelling the great barrier reef.
  • You can top your pass up ONCE to add more Kilometres on.

While this is our most flexible pass - you will still need a rough idea of where and how far you want to travel so you know how many kilometres you need to purchase. Our KM Calculator is also a good resource to help decide how many KMs you need!

The KM Pass options include:

  • 1000 Kilometres
  • 2500 Kilometres (Most popular)
  • 5000 Kilometres (Perfect for Sydney > Cairns)
  • 7500 Kilometres
  • 10,000 Kilometres
  • 15,000 Kilometres
  • 20,000 Kilometres
  • 25,000 Kilometres.

In Summary

What we love about our travel passes, is that YOU get to decide when and where you travel. There are no rigid schedules, multiple services daily, PLUS our coaches are fitted out with free Wi-Fi and USB charging docs #Winning!

It is important to note that over our peak season, being November - February, we recommend you book each leg of your travel in advance as seats do fill up quick!

You can find further information on the travel passes page, and if you are after more travel tips make sure you follow us on Facebook, and join our OFFICIAL Greyhound Australia Backpacker group!