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It’s no secret that part of the appeal of travelling is the break it offers from everyday life. It’s a chance to grow, experience new things, meet new people and see the world from a different angle. What better way to do that than with a once in a lifetime Aussie adventure?

Whether you’re chasing that blood-pumping adrenaline rush, getting way off the beaten track or simply looking to broaden your horizons, here is our guide to planning your next adventure down under!




Do Your Research

As much as an adventure holiday is just that - an adventure - it still requires proper planning to ensure you not only have a great time but also stay safe doing so. Key things to consider are the needs of your fellow travellers, accommodation types and availability, the seasonality of your travel and the top things on your to-do list in any particular destination.

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To get a better understanding of what to expect, we recommend chatting to fellow travellers and reading blogs and review sites. Alternatively you could take the stress out of planning your experience and book one of Greyhound’s amazing tours on offer.

Be Flexible But Realistic

As important it is to have a plan, it wouldn’t be a proper adventure if unexpected things didn’t pop up, right? Being flexible and willing to jump at opportunities that may arise will ensure you get the most out of your next adventure holiday. By the same token, trying to see everything inevitably will leave you feeling like you haven’t seen anything at all.

Australia is a big place so taking your time is important and choosing when to stay put and when to dart off to the next destination is key to experiencing the country’s very best. Greyhound’s Hop On Hop Off Passes are designed to let you travel at your own pace, see the places that are important to you and choose your own route.

Pack Light But Pack The Essentials

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Whether you are traipsing through far North Queensland’s rainforests, exploring the Australian outback or even taking in the hustle and bustle of Australia’s major cities, packing light is key to being able to remain flexible. Lugging around big heavy suitcases is not only difficult but may not even be an option depending on your travel itinerary.

Try and pack light but make sure you pack the essentials. Consider packing safety gear if you’re going remote or maybe you are heading to Australia’s snow fields, in which case you may require gloves and warm clothing. No matter the destination, you can’t travel Australia without remembering to pack your camera!

Practice Where Possible

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Depending on your adventure, part of your holiday planning may actually be physical training. From climbing mountains to trekking-based adventures being physically up for the challenge is an important part of planning your experience. Consider the amount of walking you will do just exploring cities and traveling from attraction to attraction, and make sure you are as well prepared as possible to get the most out of your Australian holiday.

Don’t just dream about exploring Australia, start planning your trip today! We have a range of flexible travel options and packages to suit your travel itinerary.