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Top Things To Do In Mildura, Adelaide and In Between!


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The popular journey from Mildura to Adelaide is renowned as one of Australia’s most scenic overland trips. From historic Mildura, in the heart of wine country, the journey criss-crosses the mighty Murray River as you make your way towards the city of churches, Adelaide.

Aboard a Greyhound coach the journey takes only 5 hours and 30 minutes and stops just twice in Renmark and Elizabeth. Here are our top things to do in Mildura, Adelaide and along the way!




Mildura’s Festivals – From the Murray River International Music Festival to the Mildura Jazz, Food and Wine Festival – Mildura is home to some of the best festivals in Australia.

Mildura Brewery – Mildura is famous around the world for it’s wine but did you know Mildura is also making a name for itself in the beer world? A trip to Mildura Brewery is a must for any beer-drinker, enjoy hosted tastings and a delicious lunch.

Mildura by the air – Take in the spectacular sights Mildura has to offer from the air aboard a scenic hot air balloon flight. From wineries to pristine national parks it’s all there for the taking in Mildura.



Enjoy the Murray – Like most towns that line the Murray River, water activities are a staple for the passer-through. A great trip for the family is to jump aboard an historic paddle steamer and explore the beautiful Murray.



Barossa Valley – Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur the Barossa Valley is a must-see for anyone travelling in and around Adelaide. Cycling tours are a must for those wanting to see the sights and stop to taste the delicious offerings along the way.

Adelaide Markets – Packed full of food and gourmet goodies, the Adelaide Central Markets are a world all of their own. Whatever your flavour, this is a must for all guests to the city.

Cleland Wildlife Park – Get up close and personal to some of Australia’s most unique wildlife within the Cleland Wildlife Park. This is a great fun and educational trip for the entire family.

Whether you are travelling to see friends and family or exploring the region for the first time, the journey from Mildura to Adelaide is sensational. Sit back in a comfortable leather reclining seat, enjoy the free WiFi and take in the spectacular views through our coach’s panoramic windows. Book your Greyhound trip today!