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Tips for Travelling Around Australia on a Budget

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Want to know how to get the most value from your trip around Australia without going broke? We’ve featured some of the best travelling tips and tricks to keep the spending down and the experience up when visiting this unique, bold and diverse land. Read on to learn more about the country millions of people flock to for sun, fun, food and adventure every year!

The Adventurer’s Best Budgeting Tips

Food and Dining

Willies Fresh Fruit & Juices

Aussie farmers are world-class producers of fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and livestock. That means you’ve got front row tickets to some of the best tasting meals the world has to offer. Whether sampling fresh pineapples from the tropical north, sun warmed stone fruits from a Victorian orchard, or freshly shucked oysters from the clear Tasmanian waters, one thing is certain: you’ll be spoiled for choice. For great savings, be sure to purchase direct from local growers, road stalls and bustling produce markets.

On-road Adventuring

Greyhound Coach

If you’re travelling with Greyhound, you’re well on your way to keeping transport costs down. Allow your inner adventurer to roam with our hop on/hop off tickets, offering amazing choices with Greyhound’s Micro Pass, Mini Traveller Pass or Kilometre Pass. It’s the safest most convenient way to see our beautiful country.

The Perfect Place to Rest

The Rosedale Hotel

Australia is home to a myriad of fantastic hostels and group accommodation options, all of which offer their own perks. Group activities, movie nights, cheap meals and drinks are just some of the potential savings waiting to be found in towns and cities all across the country. Be sure to read up on reviews to find the right hostel for you and ask the locals about meal deals at local pubs and clubs.

Surfing in Paradise? Walking the Wilderness Coast?

Melbourne Visitor Centre

Local info centres can help you arrange budget friendly options for your first surf lesson, canoe or kayak adventure. Feeling less energetic? Opt for the perfect afternoon picnicking in the park, ambling along one of our popular walking trails or checking in at an outdoor cinema under the stars!

Checking in on Art and Culture

National Gallery of Victoria

Why not see if your trip lines up with an art exhibition opening night? Often, you don’t need an invitation to attend and you’ll be offered a free glass of wine or a beer plus refreshments while enjoying the opportunity to check out the freshest art release! Every Australian traveller knows about the beautiful sights our country has to offer but most of us would struggle to tick of more than one location on this list. These places are a mere sample of the beauty in our own backyard.

It’s easy to stay in the loop

Free WiFi Spot

Many Australian cafes, bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. Some require a purchase but there’s no harm in asking for a password. Wi-Fi is available in major airports and many popular chain restaurants - just check for service on your portable device or log in at an Internet café!

Amazing Tours and Packages, with Greyhound

Greyhound Travel & Stay Packages

Many different operators around the country offer tour packages for all sorts of budgets. Often your hostel will be the best place to gather information about these by talking to staff or other travellers. To see the packages Greyhound has to offer, simply visit our website or call us on (1300 473946).

On a Budget? No Worries!

With friendly locals waiting to provide you with an unforgettable experience, you’ll never be left without something to see, do or explore. With careful planning and by applying our budget saving tips, you’ll find yourself having the time of your life- without worrying about your wallet!