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Weird & Wonderful Aussie Foods!


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In this blog we take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful Australian foods. Whatever your flavour, Australia’s unique cuisine has something to offer. From meat pies and Vegemite to witchetty grubs and crocodile, in this blog we take a look at some of the wonderful and weird additions to Aussie menus.

If you would like to explore some of these flavours for yourself, start planning your next adventure with Greyhound.



The Wonderful

Tim Tams

If heaven serves only one meal, chances are it’s Tim Tams. This Aussie biscuit is made up of a delicious chocolate malt and chocolate cream filling. And just to top it off the entire thing is dipped in a thin layer of…you guessed it, chocolate. A popular treat for people of all ages, our top tip is to try this one after dunking it in your cup of tea.


You can not get much more Aussie than Vegemite on toast!

While it may not be the most visually appetising food on this list, there isn’t too many more iconically Australian products than Vegemite. Developed way back in 1922, Vegemite is a brown, yeast-based spread packed full of salty-goodness. While there are imposters around the world, for any fair-dinkum Aussie you can’t go past this classic.

Chico Roll

Your waistline might not appreciate them but your tastebuds are going to love Chico Rolls! They are basically Australia’s take on a spring roll and are a staple at most fast food places. Chico Rolls are about the size of a sausage roll however instead of pastry the roll is covered in dough and filled with cabbage, carrot and usually questionable meat.


For most Australian kids, Weet-Bix are the go-to breakfast staple. Packed full of fibre Weet-Bix is often spruiked as being the breakfast of choice for famous Aussie athletes. Whether or not the Australian cricket team really sit down for a bowl of Weet-Bix is definitely up for debate but either way, this Australian classic is definitely favourite.

Meat Pies

Do not even think about having a meat pie without tomato sauce!

By no means are meat pies exclusive to Australia but the humble pastry is an institution in the Aussie way of life. A meat pie is the meal of choice at most sporting events and your expertise in pie eating is determined by how much of it ends up on the floor, or on your clothes. While the pie comes in many variations, it’s the standard mince meat pie that has cemented its spot in Australian cuisine.


The Weird

Witchetty Grubs

While you won’t find this one on the menus of Australia’s more metropolitan restaurants, witchetty grubs have been a dietary staple for Aboriginal Australians dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. These large grub-like larvae are high in protein and often eaten raw or lightly cooked. Definitely a case of mind over matter when trying to keep this one down!


Even being on the coat of arms doesnt protect you from Aussie dinner plates!

If Australia putting the Kangaroo on their coat of arms made you think that would stop us from also putting the animal on our dinner plates, then you’d be sorely mistaken. It’s not the flavour of kangaroo that puts this Aussie food in the ‘weird’ category it’s simply the thought of eating such an iconic Australian animal. That aside, kangaroo meat is renowned for being low in fat, rich in flavour and high in protein and is rapidly increasing in popularity.


Well, we would certainly rather be eating them, than them eating us!

Take a swim in some of the rivers of northern Australia and you might just find yourself on the menu. By the same token, crocodile is slowly working its way into the dietary mainstream in kitchens around Australia. Again this meat is low in fat and high in protein and if cooked correctly is renowned as being deliciously succulent and tender. Crocodile meat is proving so popular Australian producers are now shipping the product around the world.


While most Aussies have ordered ‘flake’ at fish ‘n chip shops around the country, it would come as a surprise to many that ‘flake’ is actually fish-speak for shark. It’s mild flavour has made flake one of the most popular varieties of fish for many Australians so much so that the once cheap cut now stands alongside other classics like snapper or flathead. 

Even if creepy crawlies or iconic Australian animals aren’t your idea of a tasty dinner, Australia’s multicultural makeup means there are a huge variety of culinary delights on offer. Start planning your Australian foodie adventure today by visiting Greyhound!