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Tropical Island
Tropical Island

Hop On Hop Off

This pass takes the time and guesswork out of planning your holiday with pre-selected extended journeys. Choose your journey and hop on and off our coaches as much as you like up to 90 days. Hop On Hop Off passes offer one-way travel, giving you time to explore lesser known towns along the way and places off the beaten track.

Sydney <> Cairns Hop On Hop Off Pass

Our Sydney to Cairns Hop On Hop Off pass lets you experience both modern and traditional Australia. With access to city escapades and coastal beauties, you’ll encounter a combination of fast-paced adventure and unwinding chill-outs. 

Brisbane <> Cairns Hop On Hop Off Pass

This Pass is a great choice if you know where you want to go.  Starting in Brisbane or Cairns travelers have 90 days to complete travel and we also throw in travel between Byron Bay and Brisbane if you wish to go that little bit further.  You can stop as many times are you like along the way at any of the destinations we travel.

Melbourne <> Cairns Hop On Hop Off Pass

From top to bottom or bottom up, this pass covers travel between Melbourne to Cairns or Cairns to Melbourne.  Covering the four East Coast states, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland, this pass gives you access to Australia’s bustling cities and laid back coastal beach towns. 

Melbourne <> Brisbane Hop On Hop Off Pass

If you have already travelled Queensland’s East Coast and want to see what is on offer further south, this pass is worth a look.  Travel between Brisbane and Melbourne, or vice versa, with time to stop and enjoy the sights along the way with up to 90 days to travel.

Sydney <> Brisbane Hop On Hop Off Pass

It’s a short trip, but there is so much to do between Brisbane and Sydney.  This pass lets you travel and stop along the way, with plenty of time to spend wherever you like.