Travel Passes

Travel Passes

Travel Passes

Looking for a way to explore Australia? Then look no further than our Travel Passes! Our passes offer you the choice, flexibility and freedom you need to explore our country’s diverse landscape.

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Whimit Pass Features

Hop on Hop Off Pass Features

Commuter Pass Features

Our Whimit Passes will give you unlimited access to Australia’s largest coach network — travelling on any route and in any direction — for your chosen amount of time. Think of it as your ultimate way to see Australia's reefs and rainforests, outback and wildlife - or both!

Our Hop On Hop Off Passes allows you to pick the beginning and end of your journey from a list of popular East Coast destinations. Then, as the name implies, you can hop on and hop off our coaches along the way.

If you’re a frequent commuter, you can’t go past our popular Commuter Passes. Offering superior value for money, it’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to travel between Sydney and Canberra, Brisbane and Toowoomba, and Cairns and Townsville!

*120 days of travel available with purchase of 120-day Whimit Pass.