Easy Access Services FAQs

Easy Access Services FAQs

Effective 1 January 2023

We strive to make travel with Greyhound Australia as safe and convenient as possible for all passengers, including those with a disability – our team will do whatever we can to assist you during your travel. Please advise of any special requirements when making your booking.

Greyhound Australia is progressively rolling out new 'Easy Access' coaches onto nominated services throughout the Greyhound network. The 'Easy Access' coaches offer improved comfort, safety, environmental efficiency, and a lift to assist passengers travelling with a mobility aid to access and exit the coach.

See the following Frequently Asked Questions to clarify any queries you may have.

  1. What ‘Easy Access’ coaches does Greyhound Australia have?
    The Greyhound Australia fleet is 100% mobility device friendly, including wheelchairs, and requires 24-hour minimum pre-booked travel due to necessary vehicle preparation.

  2. How do I book to travel on any of these services?
    You can make your booking at any of Greyhound Australia's Travel Centres or by calling our Call Centre on 1300 GREYHOUND (1300 473 946).

  3. How much notice is required before I travel?
    We require 24 hours’ notice to ensure our coaches are prepared correctly for your safe travel. To avoid disappointment in peak travel season, we recommend booking as much time in advance as possible due to limited seat availability.

  4. Do I need to advise if I have hidden disabilities?
    We understand that not all disabilities are visible. The Transport Standards assume that passengers of this kind will identify their disabilities to the operator or provider so that their needs can be accommodated. In particular, such passengers need to identify their needs when making bookings by phone or not in person (Section 1.23 (1) Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport Guidelines 2004).
    If you advise of any special requirements to assist your travel, we will ensure the relevant terminal and operational team members are made aware to ensure we can assist you during your travel.

  5. How much does the ticket cost?
    Standard fares and concessions apply to 'Easy Access' tickets, with prices varying depending on your required origin and destination points and date of travel.

  6. Can I bring a carer and how much will that cost?
    Yes, a carer can accompany you if the person is endorsed by you as your carer and travels with you on the same service. Please check our standard Terms & Conditions relating to carers. The fare is 50% off the full adult fare (tickets only) for a carer.

  7. Can I bring my guide dog or companion animal on the coach?
    Yes, you can bring your guide dog or assistance animal. Please check our Terms & Conditions for specific details. An Assistance Animal Permit that has a photo of the animal will be required at the time of travel.

  8. Can I travel with my mobility device, including wheel chair?
    Yes. Greyhound Australia defines manual wheelchairs, walking frames and roller walkers as essential mobility aids, and are most welcome onboard accessible coaches.

    However, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and similar electric powered vehicles are not permitted, as in most cases they are too heavy and unstable to be carried safely. This is due to the design restrictions of the coach, in particular regard to on-board manoeuvrability, engineered securing points (on-board and in the under floor luggage areas), and manual handling risks of Greyhound Australia team members.

    NOTE: Greyhound Australia’s principal task is to ensure that all passengers are taken safely and comfortably to their destinations and that the coach is safe at all times. This requires the coach driver to apply safety rules and consider the needs of people who have limited mobility (whether or not they are using an aid), who are frail or have some disability, and those with infants who are using prams and strollers. The coach driver can therefore expect (and may ask) that passengers comply with these rules if they are travelling with an essential mobility aid, pram or stroller.

    All essential mobility aids, prams or strollers must comply with Greyhound Australia’s safe manual handling guidelines of maximum 20kg for a 1-person lift, and must be stowed in the under-floor luggage areas. This is to ensure that coach passageways are not obstructed from general use or in the event of an emergency.

  9. Does Greyhound Australia comply with relevant Disability Discrimination acts?
    Yes. Greyhound Australia recognises the diverse needs of the travelling public, as well as its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, and is continually improving its capacity to carry essential mobility aids. Greyhound Australia does not refuse carriage on the grounds of disability. At the same time, we recognise the safety, comfort, and convenience of everyone travelling on our coaches first and foremost, and secondly the coach design and manual handling requirements associated with some mobility aids.

  10. How many manual wheelchair passengers can be conveyed on one coach?
    Our 'Easy Access' coaches are configured to allow one (1) manual wheelchair passenger to travel on the coach at any time. This follows the requirements of the Disability Standard for Accessible Public Transport 2007.

  11. Can I stay in my manual wheelchair during the journey?
    Some select wheelchairs are able to be travelled in (please ask our customer service team at the time of booking for more details). However, most devices are not compliant for travel and therefore due to safety requirements, you must move into the coach seat. Your manual wheelchair will be stowed in the luggage hold.

  12. How do I get into and out of the coach?
    You can use the stairs or ride the lift, dependant on your mobility. For the lift, a trained Greyhound Australia team member will extend the lift and, while you remain seated in your manual wheelchair chair, you will move onto the lift, facing outwards from the coach. The Greyhound Australia team member will secure your chair onto the lift platform and raise the lift to the seating compartment. It is a safety requirement that you relocate yourself to the coach seat (unassisted or with the assistance of your carer).

  13. Can I disembark from the coach during the journey?
    Yes, at scheduled meal stops or at the end of your journey, the lift is available as required (see question 12).

  14. Will the facilities at the stops be suitable for my use?
    Greyhound Australia has audited each stop we use on our 'Easy Access' services to be aware of the situation and setup of the stop for all our passengers, however we are not responsible for whether the stop complies with any standards.

  15. What happens to my manual wheelchair?
    Your wheelchair will be stowed in the luggage compartment by a Greyhound Australia team member.

  16. What is the configuration of the 'easy access' coach Lifter and internal seating?
    The lifts in the 'Easy Access' coaches consist of two platforms, with the platform closest to the coach being the load bearing platform. The second (outer) platform folds out from the load bearing platform and is not certified as load bearing.

    Easy Access Coach Lifter - Greyhound Australia

    Inside the 'Easy Access' coach, the height of the seating off the floor is 460mm, and the manoeuvrability space between the 'Easy Access' seat and the back of the seat in front is 780mm.

  17. What if my wheelchair is outside these dimensions?
    If the Greyhound Australia team member cannot safely load you and your wheelchair onto the coach, we apologise but we will not be able to convey you on the service. Please ask to have your ticket open dated and we will be very happy to have you travel on a future service when your wheelchair is within the dimension restrictions.

  18. What if I cannot move myself from my wheelchair onto the coach seat?
    It is a safety requirement to travel with us that you must be seated in the coach seat for most of our services. Select services feature engineered anchor devices to safely secure your wheelchair and prevent it from moving during the journey, however if your service does not have this feature you must be able to relocate to the fixed coach seat unaided or with the assistance of your carer.

  19. Can my carer or the driver ride with me on the lift?
    No. The lift has no safety features to cater for a second standing person riding on the lift, nor is there sufficient space on the load bearing platform.

  20. Who gets my manual wheelchair when I need to disembark?
    The Greyhound Australia team member will retrieve your wheelchair from the under-floor luggage area and bring it up to you on the lift.

  21. What if the surface where I disembark is not safe to load/unload?
    If the surface is sloping or uneven, slippery, boggy, or otherwise considered unsafe, the driver will attempt to find a safe location to load/unload you.

  22. What if I need to go to the toilet en route?
    Toilet facilities are available on the coach, however the driver is not able to assist you in this regard.

  23. What if it is raining, will you stop me getting wet when I board via the lift?
    Every endeavour will be made to protect you from the weather conditions, however there are no guarantees that we can do this.

  24. What time do I need to arrive before the service departs?
    Arriving 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time is the minimum time according to our Terms & Conditions. Choosing to arrive earlier, for example 30 minutes before departure, will allow time for you to load and get settled before the other passengers board.

  25. Is the person who loads me using the lift qualified to use the lift?
    Yes, all Greyhound Australia drivers are trained in the use of the ‘Easy Access’ coach lifts. A standard operating procedure is included with each lift, as well as easy-to-follow instructions within easy sight..

  26. Who gets me off the coach if it breaks down or is involved in an incident?
    In the event of such an incident, the driver or others on the service will assist. The lift can also be operated manually, should the need arise.

  27. What happens if an ‘Easy Access’ coach does not arrive for the service I have booked on?
    Unfortunately if you require the lift to access the coach, we would have to transfer your booking to the next service by an ‘Easy Access’ coach.

  28. Who do I contact if I am not satisfied with your service?
    Your constructive feedback would be appreciated and we will do whatever is practical to resolve your feedback. You can email customerservice@greyhound.com.au, or phone our Call Centre on 1300 473 946