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8 Tips On How To Prepare For An Overnight Coach

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If you are travelling around Australia, or simply looking for an alternative to flying, an overnight coach can be a great option. Sure, it isn't a five-star hotel, or your own lush bed, BUT, if you are travelling on a budget and want to save yourself a night's accommodation, or, would rather not waste a day travelling, an overnight coach is for you!

But before you jump aboard, we thought we'd give you a few tips on how you should prepare for your overnight coach. Happy travelling;

#1 Always Arrive Early

Woman Boarding an Overnight Coach

Other than not missing your coach, if there is any chance that the coach isn’t fully booked, you want to be there early so you can dibs two seats next to one another - that way you can stretch out and relax.

#2 Wrap Up

Pack a blanket for your overnight coach trip

Once the sun sets, the temperature drops, and even though there is air conditioning, you can bet that there will be a backpacker on your coach asking to keep the coach cool, so make sure you rug up. If you have a small blanket that’s easy to carry, PACK IT!

#3 Bring Snacks

Chips, nuts, or dried fruit make a good snack for your coach trip

Now, most ‘long-haul’ coach trips have scheduled meal breaks, but, if you plan on sleeping during your trip, packing snacks is essential in case the meal break is at some horrible hour in the evening. Remember; when it comes to snacks in refined spaces, be considerate to the other travellers - don’t pack ‘smelly’ food. Yup, that means NO TUNA!

#4 Earplugs


Don’t sacrifice your sleep (or sanity) on an overnight coach due to chatterboxes, snorers or other passengers bad music choices. Pack ear plugs - they are well worth the investment.

#5 Stay Hydrated

Woman drinking water on a coach

Just like flying, being in a confined space for a long period of time with air conditioning, is a sure way to get dehydrated, so pack a drink bottle!

Don’t be too concerned about needing to use the toilet while on the coach – Greyhounds Coaches’ are equipped with a bathroom so you’ll be fine. They also have water machines so you can top your bottle up.

It’s better to stay healthy and drink water than dehydrate yourself overnight!

#6 Charge Your Electronics

Two friends looking at a phone on an overnight coach

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, which you may have never been before, and your mobile phone dies. The great news is, on Greyhound Australia’s Coacher, there are USB charging ports at each seat, so don’t forget your charger! They also have free wifi, perfect to kill time while you are on the road!

#7 Pack A Travel Pillow

Man Sleeping on a bus with a travel pillow

Travel pillows are a great investment. It’s the best way to prevent waking up with a sore neck – the last thing you need when you pull up in a new city to explore.

#8 The Extra’s

Carry on suitcase wth items for a holiday

Other things you may like to consider when packing your carry on bag, include:

  • Hand sanitiser and face/makeup wipes to help you feel clean and fresh
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush, or mints/ gum
  • Make yourself a sweet playlist on your music device
  • A book or magazine to keep you occupied
  • A camera to document your travels.