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Five Great Australian Festivals You Need To See


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Did you know Parkes, in rural New South Wales, is home to an Elvis Festival? Or that Tully, in North Queensland, hosts a Golden Gumboot Festival? It almost seems like in Australia if we can get enough people on board with an idea we would make a festival about it! In this blog we take a look at five of the best festivals from around Australia.



Festival #1: The Byron Bay Bluesfest
Date: March


Every Easter the hippy surf town of Byron Bay starts bursting at the seams with music lovers and performers from all around the world. For new comers, Bluesfest is a music festival with a range of world class acts but for seasoned, year-in-year-out regulars Bluesfest is almost a religion. The festival has hosted some phenomenal international acts including Bob Dylan, B. B. King and Ben Harper and local homegrown legends from Paul Kelly to Cold Chisel.

Get in quick, tickets sell fast for this one and don’t forget to pack your gumboots with the unpredictable March weather.

Festival #2: Vivid Sydney
Date: May – June

Vivid Sydney

As if Sydney wasn’t visually appealing enough, for 18 days a year the CBD lights up with a range of projections, interactive work and sculptures to keep anyone entertained. Vivid is a photographer’s dream, as iconic Sydney landmarks including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House come to life. If photography isn’t your thing the festival also hosts local and international music acts and holds public talks and debates throughout the CBD.

Vivid is truly an awe-inspiring festival (especially for kids) making this a great one for the entire family.

Festival #4: The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
Date: March

Food and Wine Festival

What happens when Australia’s food and wine capital hosts a food and wine festival? Delicious, finger-licking heaven, that’s what! The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival first started in 1993 with only 12 events. The festival runs for 10 days and hosts people from around Australia and the world. Today, the festival is made up of more than 200 individual events and takes part across the city as thousands of foodies converge to experience some of the regions’ finest tastiest treats.

Festival #4: Camel Cup in Alice Springs
Date: July

Camel Cup

Aside from maybe a cane toad race or ute muster, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more Australian festival than the Alice Springs Camel Cup. Unlike race horses, camels have a bit more charm with a tendency to not listen to their jockeys, they go at their own pace and they even spit and bite. Throw in some stalls, rides, live music and some predictable Aussie shenanigans; the Camel Cup is a gem on the outback calendar and something to check out.

Festival #5: Adelaide Fringe Festival
Date: February – March

Adelaide Fringe Festival

In the same way the Olympics are a congregation of athletes for all different sports from around the world, the Adelaide Fringe festival is for artists from ever corner of the globe and from almost every artistic discipline. In fact it’s the largest annual arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere! The Adelaide Fringe festival runs for 24 days and showcases everything from visual art, film and music to dance, theatre, circus and even puppetry. If you want to unleash your inner artist, this festival is a must-do.

Whether it’s because of the climate, our social disposition or multicultural and diverse population, it seems like every weekend someone’s hosting a festival somewhere in Australia and Greyhound can more than likely get you there! Start planning your next Australian adventure with Greyhound today.