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Teenagers Celebrating Schoolies

As we begin to reach the conclusion of school exams and the end of school celebration planning goes full throttle, NOW is the perfect time for Poolies (Parents of teens who are attending Schoolies), to have a chat with their kids and prepare them for the big event!

For the majority, Schoolies is one of the most fun and memorable holiday of their lives to date. I mean think about it, surrounded with a bunch of your best mates, exams are over, you’ve finished school, and you are most probably walking distance to a beautiful beach - sounds like the dream holiday to us! BUT, due to a few poor decisions made in the past by other Schoolies, these eventa can sometimes be a very stressful and worrisome time for parents. So, as we approach the 2017 Schoolies events, we thought we'd share a few handy tips for parents so you can feel a little more at ease!


Schoolies having fun and giving each other piggyback rides

It’s a scary thought to think that your once little baby is all grown up, and finished school. To add to that, they may even have their driver's license! This is where safe travel comes into play! With the large amount of Schoolie heading to the coastlines for the big events, congested traffic, and quite often a large amount of ill experienced drivers are on the road making their way to the same destination. To put your mind at ease, there are a number of ways for your teens to get to their Schoolies hotspot then getting behind the wheel - sure, you could drive them, but if you are busy working like most parents a Greyhound Coach is a great option. It’s cheap, easy, direct, and most importantly SAFE! What more could you want?

ANOTHER TIP: Other than travel to and from the destination, it is a good idea to plan and discuss transport options for while they are away at Schoolies. Will they need to use Taxi’s? Public transport? Ensuing they have phone numbers for your preferred taxi provider and have information around public transport options will make their time away run alot smoother!


Schoolies having fun and giving each other piggyback rides

This may sound like a given, but ensuring that both you and your teen know the address of the hotel or accommodation they are staying at and other key contact numbers are vital. There is nothing worse than staying in a new location and getting lost and forgetting where your accommodation is.

ANOTHER TIP: Be aware of their day to day itinerary and be across any activities they have booked including when, where and what they are doing.


Schoolies sitting outdoors and using their smartphones

While your teens are off with their mates celebrating the end of their High School erra, sending you a TXT is quite often the last thing they are thinking about. With this in mind, it is the perfect time, before they head off with their friends to establish some basic communication expectations for when they are away. These could be as simple as TXTing you every morning when they wake up and every evening, sending a quick message on Facebook messenger, and, or setting a designated time slot for a phone call.


Make sure you have added your children on social media. Sure they may be a little reluctant to accept you, but if you sit down and explain that it is just so you have another method to contact them, we’re sure they’ll understand!



Teenagers having fun pluuing faces and taking a selfie

Leading on from the point above, communication, having a list of the friends that your teen(s) are travelling and staying with is another great way to keep in touch as a channel of communication. Having their friend’s parents number can also be very helpful!


Young girls having fun taking a slefie

Adding your teen on social media is one thing, but ensuing they understand what is appropriate to post online is another. You don’t know who else will be seeing their social posts so advising them on basic things like what is appropriate to post online is important, you may wish for them not to disclose their location even?

ANOTHER TIP: Remind your teen to keep their phones close and safe to avoid theft!