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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Coach From Brisbane to the Gold Coast

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The famous Gold Coast Syline with high rises next to the beach

Summer is definitely on its way, and with Summer comes BEACH DAYS, and what better place to head to, than the golden beaches of the Gold Coast. What’s even better is that we can get you there, and while we may be a tad bias, we thought we’d share 5 reasons why you should get there with us!


Cars stuck in traffic and not moving

Yes, chances are, you’re going to experience traffic no matter where you go, but when the weather is turning it on, you can bet that you’re not the only one thinking the beach is a good idea. Perks of travelling on a Greyhound coach - you can sit back relax, get a little shut eye even, while our trusty driver gets you to your destination hassle free! We even have Wi-Fi on-board to keep you busy on your way down or up the coast!


Man working on his lap top on the bus and talking to a woman in the next isle

It’s amazing what you can achieve on a 60min coach ride when you don’t have to focus on the road AND have access to free Wi-Fi! Weather you decide to use this time to plan your grocery shop, finish your uni assignment, listen to music or catch up on sleep, YOU get to choose how you kill the time knowing you don’t have to worry about keeping your eyes on the road!

#3 SAVE $$

empty purse

Did we mention that a trip from Brisbane to the Gold coast starts from as little as $19! Why waste your money on tolls, petrol or other modes of transport that stop multiple times along the route, when you can use this money and treat yourself when you reach your destination. #WINNING!


Girl with surfboard

So long are they days when you awkwardly hold your surfboard on the train, or spend forever securing your board on the rooftop of your hatch back then driving down the coast in constant fear that it’s going to blow off. For only $15 you can bring your surfboard on the journey with you, knowing it is packed safely so you can hit the waves as soon as you arrive at the GC.


The famous Surfer's paradise sign

There’s nothing worse than wanting to get to your destination as soon as possible, and you have to stop every 10mins to allow passengers on and off. Unlike other modes of public transport, our Brisbane to Gold Coast coach service is DIRECT and takes you right into Surfers Paradise without all of the stops!

With all of the above, not to mention multiple coach services running each way - making the Gold Coast the perfect day trip from Brisbane, why wouldn’t you book in your next trip this stunning city!

Now, who’s keen for a road trip?