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Arrow sign with Australian flag painted on it

Back to work after the Christmas and New Year break and already in need of a long weekend? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! The great news is, Australia Day is just around the corner (and this year it’s on a Friday - LONG WEEKEND BABY)! So, in this blog we thought we’d share three epic ways to spend January 26th, for an Australia Day you’ll never forget!

TOP PLACE #1: On A Beach

Bondi Beach, Sydney

To most Aussie locals, Australia Day is a day off, or in this case a long weekend, a reason to whip out the old Barbie and enjoy a beautiful summers day (fingers crossed it’s sunny this year). What can top this off is celebrating and having a barbeque on the BEACH! This may sound obvious, but too many of us choose to take this day to catch up on house work, or stay indoors and watch Netflix. While this may be tempting - DON’T DO IT! Getting in the outdoors is the perfect way to spend quality time with friends and family. Just remember, the beaches will be busy so get there early and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!

TOP PLACE #2: At an Australia Day Event

Australia Day Fireworks

If the beach just isn’t your thing, that's cool. There are a ton of events happening all across the country for Australia Day. From fireworks displays at South Bank, Brisbane, Party’s at Darling Harbour in Sydney or check out the Australian Open in Melbourne, there’s plenty to do.

For the free events such as fireworks or Australia Day Parades, while they will be busy, you don’t need to book in advance. But, if you do plan on grabbing yourself a general admission to the Open or hit the parties along Sydney’ harbour, it pays to book in advance!

TOP PLACE #3: Do Something Australian

Koala asleep in a tree with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background

Australia Day is one day of the year where 75% of Aussies participate in celebrating how great it is to be in this amazing country, so why not spend it doing something ‘Australian?’ Have vegemite on toast for breakfast, go to your local wildlife sanctuary and hold a Koala, or get down to your local museum and learn about Australia’ history and culture.

Whatever you choose to do this Australia day make it fun and share it with your favourite people. It’s a day to recognise the past and history of our country, and appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a magnificent place!

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