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The Wild West – Things You Need To See In Western Australia


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It’s no secret that Australia is a big place. All too often travellers get so caught up with the East Coast they entirely miss out on the travel gems Western Australia has to offer. Often referred to as the Wild West, WA is packed full of adventures just waiting to be ticked off your to-do list. This blog will give you a little peek into what Western Australia has to offer adventurers willing to travel off the beaten track.



Purnululu (Bungle Bungle National Park)

Discovered in 1983 by complete accident, Purnululu is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Australia. Located 300km by road from the nearest town, the World Heritage Listed Purnululu National Park is home to spectacular sandstone dome formation, gorges and waterfalls (in the wet season). Purnululu (the Bungle Bungle National Park) is a must see when visiting the Kimberley Region of WA.

Bungle Bungle National Park

Cable Beach

Pure white sand and crystal clear water, what more could you ask for? Cable Beach boasts 22km of pristine beaches bordered by sheer red cliffs and is home to dolphins, whales and even ancient dinosaur footprints. Watching the sun set over the water in Australia is a truly unique to WA and there is no better place to do it than Cable Beach.

Cable Beach

Swimming With Whale Sharks

This is a truly unique experience and one of only a few places on the planet you can dive with the world’s largest fish. The World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef is home to these remarkable gentle giants who can grow up to a staggering 16 metres in length. The whale shark season is March through July although depending on the year may run through to August.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Western Australia is home to some of Australia’s most unique travel experiences. See all the amazing travel destinations Australia has to offer with Greyhound.