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Travel Showdown - Bus Travel vs. Air Travel


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Plane VS Bus

Travel Showdown - Bus Travel vs. Air Travel

It’s always a tricky decision whether to travel via car, bus or plane when you are looking at longer haul transportation. Travel connects us with friends and family as well as loved ones and holidays. But it can be tricky deciding which travel option best suits your needs when the trip is that little bit too long to go by car.

So the Greyhound team wanted to create a little comparison between the two most popular methods, bus & plane. Now we get it, we are a bus company so of course we are going to say bus right? Wrong! In this blog post we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of travel so you can make an informed decision next time you travel.

Also since our busses have yet to include hovercraft technology (don’t worry the marketing team is working on this J), we will be focusing on domestic journeys.

Travelling by Plane – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Traveling by plane can be fun, you can snag a good deal and get around fairly quickly, but there are also some not so fun bits, so here we go, the good the bad and the ugly!

The Good – Speed! One of the major advantages of going via plane is the ability to get between two points fairly rapidly.  A flight from Sydney to Brisbane can be as little as a few hours.


The Bad – Airports! Although flying by plane can be speedy way to get around, often airports and the check in process can make this take a fair bit longer. You have to be at the airport a few hours before your flight, and then you have to get through security, then get to your gate, then wait to board!

The Ugly – Airport Parking! So when we compare travel by bus and plane we want to compare the whole journey, because the actual flight is the best part. One thing that’s not so fun about flying around is airport parking. Often very costly, with a simple 10 minute stop sometimes costing more than $30!

Bus Travel – The Good, the bad, the ugly, and the leather comfy seats and free WiFi.

Okay so we got a little cheeky there mentioning the free WiFi on our busses but let’s get real and discuss the good and bad points of bus travel.

Good – Less fuss! You show up 5-10 minutes before the bus leaves at your closest pickup point and you are off. No need to worry about a lift to the airport, traffic, baggage allowance and airport parking! This actually ends up saving you time, effort and sanity (all crucial, especially that last one!).

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The Bad – Busses don’t travel 800kmph! Okay so just like the hovercraft idea our team is also working on a jet engine bus (not really). So travel by bus may not be as speedy as air travel, but with time savings from the easier check-in and travel process, and your selection of drop off point, bus travel can also be fairly speedy. But why are we all so concerned about speed? We think the Aussie landscape is u-beaut and we should all spend more time enjoying it. Our busses are air-conditioned so you can enjoy the landscape in comfort, as well as posting that great selfie on Instagram using the onboard WiFi!

The Ugly – Bus Food! In our time we have seen some shockers, the boiling meat and cheese pie followed by the iced coffee, the slightly stale servo sandwich and trail mix combo. But we aren’t here to judge (actually the pie sounded yummy), so feel free to grab the yummies you want before the trip, as long as requesting stops along the way so you can pick from a variety of food outlets. Eat what you want, because #YOLO!

The Winner? Neither!
Like we said we weren’t here to just push bus travel, we just wanted to provide a good comparison between the two travel methods. Sometimes flying is the best way to get around; the rest of the time the bus is pretty neat. Our top tip is to consider the entire journey process and just consider trying our free WiFi sometime (plug).