East Coast Whimit Travel Passes

East Coast Whimit Travel Passes

East Coast Travel Passes

Back by popular demand and here to stay are our East Coast Whimit Travel Passes! Get unlimited travel and flexibility for travel on the Greyhound Australia network along the East Coast. With 12 months to begin your travel, you'll be able to travel anywhere between Melbourne and Cairns! You’ll have the freedom to do as much, go as far and be as adventurous as you want. 



  • Unlimited travel: any direction along the East Coast for as many days as your time allows.

  • Best value for money: spend your precious pennies on having a good time, not worrying how you’re going to get there.

  • Less planning, more travelling: multiple daily departures means we’re always ready to take you to your next destination.

  • Staying connected: free WiFi and in-seat USB chargers on all our coaches.

  • Online booking management: just jump into your account and reserve a seat for your next trip.

  • Go further, see more: travel on Australia's largest coach network and see all of those hidden gems off the beaten track.

  • One ticket: keep it simple and don’t be weighed down. It’s the hassle-free option.

7 Day Whimit Pass


There are so many places in Australia to visit that are off the beaten path and with a week to capture as much beauty as possible, there is no better place than the East Coast. This is your getaway, and we want you to do it your way - that’s the beauty of a 7-day East Coast Whimit Travel Pass! You have the freedom to travel anywhere, staying for however long you want.

15 Day Whimit Pass


Described by The Lonely Planet as “road-trip nirvana”, the East Coast of Australia is nothing short of world class. From losing yourself in the culture filled laneways of Melbourne, to finding your own piece of paradise in Tropical North Queensland, Greyhound Australia has got you covered with a 15-day East Coast Whimit Travel Pass. Discover your own backyard but do it your way!

30 Day Whimit Pass


If 2020 has left you feeling like you want to plan nothing, but do everything, this is the pass for you. Spend your time with a 30-day East Coast Whimit Travel Pass checking out iconic and world-renowned destinations, or maybe instead discover your own hidden gems along the East Coast. Just think, it could be the hustle of Sydney one day, the serenity of a beach paradise the next.


COVID-19 disruption policy for Whimit Travel:

  • 12 months validity to commence travel from original purchase date of your Whimit pass.
  • If you travel has commenced but then halted due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions you are able to pause and unpause your pass to save the unused portion of your travel days. 
  1. Pause commencement will be initiated from day of contact to Greyhound Australia and cannot be back dated.
  2. Reactivation will be initiated from day of contact to Greyhound and cannot be forward dated.
  3. Reactivation will entitle you to use the unused days of travel that were available on your pass at the time of initial contact to pause your pass.
  4. You are able to pause your pass for a maximum of 3 months.
  5. If you pass has been paused for 3 months it will automatically be reactivate and usage at this time and be valid for the unused days of travel that were available at the initial contact of pausing.