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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Zen When Travelling With Family


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There aren’t many ways to bring your family closer together than a family holiday. Quality family time, new experiences and unforgettable memories are all a part of a successful family trip but of course unexpected things can pop up along the way. Handle the unexpected things well and they can be just another funny anecdote along the way, handle them badly and your trip may take a turn for the worse.




Family on the beach

Here are our top 5 tips for maintaining your Zen and preventing stress when travelling with family.

1. Space

There is such a thing as too close for comfort and crowded cars, crowded rooms, crowded streets and places can be enough to cause bickering.

If you’re planning on visiting popular tourist destinations, consider travelling in off-peak periods where places won’t be so crowded. Also avoid jamming yourself into a little car to get around and hop on a spacious Greyhound bus instead. They’re comfortable, air-conditioned and each seat has free WiFi and USB chargers to keep everyone happy.


2. Accommodation

Kids in rainforest

Consider saving money and finding some real family down time by camping or getting out of the major cities wherever possible. This will help the whole family feel connected to each other and their environment, which will surely give you a sense of relaxation and Zen to help carry you through the rest of your travels.

3. Plan lots of stops

family stopping for a break to eat

To cut down on the amount of times the kids ask “are we there yet” be sure to plan lots of stops. This will minimise leg soreness, hunger and of course needing a bathroom break. Furthermore, a good family holiday is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Stopping along the way lets you explore small towns, destinations that aren’t on the tourist maps and some unforgettable experiences that you may have otherwise missed.

4. Have things to keep everyone occupied

Kids playing games in the car

Avoid travel boredom and complaining by keeping everyone occupied with bus activities. Load your tablets up with family fun games and apps, and be sure to keep them charged up using our in-seat USB chargers!

Also bring along some kids and adult colouring books and magazines along, and make up fun family road games like “who can spot the farthest license plate” or “who can spot a yellow car first”.


5. Keep a positive mindset


The weather may not be great, reservations may disappoint you, you might be stuck for hours in busy attractions & lines but it’s all part of the travel adventure. The good news is, there’s strength in numbers and you can get through it together so long as everyone keeps a positive mindset. Clear your minds each morning by scheduling in a family walk or swim along one of Australia’s endless beaches!

It’s the great family holidays that your kids will look back on and cherish in years to come. You won’t recall the little things that went awry but you will recall the funny anecdotes, the amazing attractions and quality family time that everyone enjoyed.

Want to start planning your next great family holiday? Visit Greyhound today and check out our long list of flexible travel options to suit you’re family adventure.