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Tips & Activities for Travelling with Kids

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Exhausted before your holiday has begun? While it’s common to hear horror stories of parents travelling with their children, a little bit of forethought and ‘pre-planned’ spontaneity, it’s absolutely possible to have a memorable, enjoyable and relaxing holiday (especially when you travel with Greyhound!).


Worried about how your little ones will cope?

It can be a huge relief to have the worries of food preparation, on board luggage and entertainment taken care of. Here are some of our best tips for travelling long distances with kids.

The best adventurer is always well prepared. It can be helpful to make a list of important basic items that you know keep everyone happy. These may include:
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Headphones
  • Chargers
  • A Good Book
  • Journal
  • Blanket Snacks
  • On Board Entertainment



The important thing to remember with on board luggage and snacks is to keep it simple. Pre-packaged snacks like muesli bars, raisin and nut boxes, juice packs and pre-made sandwiches require no assembly and can be enjoyed on demand. Don’t forget to bring plenty water and don’t worry, most Greyhound buses are equipped with a toilet!



Here are a few of the best travelling entertainment ideas. Which would you love to play?

1. Eye Spy

This old favourite is a great way to take in countryside changes and to quietly absorb your on road adventure. What do you spy with your little eye? Even little ones love to guess, so don’t tell us give us a hint!

2. I went to the store

Challenge your memory! Everyone bought one item from the store. Whether Molly bought marshmallows or Tom bought red apples, you must remember each item or you miss your turn!

3. First to 5 (Favourite Colours)

Do you love Red, Blue or Green the most? Spot five things the same colour to be the first winner!

4. Backgammon or Chess Whiz?

Slightly older kids can be placated with magnetic board games for car trips. Available at any toy stores, these games last years and pieces don’t slip around with every speed bump, and don’t make enough noise to disturb other travellers.

5. The Art Box

This is a great idea. Keep your pens, pencils and drawing books, plus fiddly bits and pieces inside an A4 folder with Ziploc bags. The most creative enthusiasts will always be able to easily access their favourite vices.

Easy to Use Electronics

One of the best aspects of travelling with Greyhound is the electronically adapted vehicle you’ll be making your journey in. Remain assured, with Greyhound buses on board Wi-Fi and power point stations, you can travel to your hearts content without needing to recharge or worrying about battery failure or a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Travelling with kids really can be fun and entertaining- mostly it comes down to matching the enthusiasm and curiosity of tiny ones (and making sure you’re prepared!). With a little forward planning, it’s probably easier than you think! Greyhound wishes you the happiest of family travelling adventures.