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Hopping our way from Sydney to Cairns

Blogger Review

Our guest blogger and creator of A Spoonful of Travel, Jean Cotter, takes the wheel of the Greyhound blog to tell us about her latest adventure; travelling up the Australian East Coast, from Sydney to Cairns with a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Pass.



Greyhound Bus

Lots of people had asked me when I spoke about our travel plans up the Australian east coast, how exactly we were planning on moving up the coast. Some thought we were flying, others thought we would drive. But to be honest, with our recent time at home (in September) and seven flights later I think I have had enough ‘hopping on a plane’ for a while and the thought of driving those 3,150 km would literally be my worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong I like driving just not THAT much!

So we decided we would opt for the Hop-on Hop-off bus pass as offered by Greyhound Australia from Sydney to Cairns. It’s pretty simple in that you can hop-on and hop-off as many times as you like as long as you continue moving in the same direction. Buses are regular and very comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by this actually, there was air con on board, some had leather seats which all reclined, free wifi (although this didn’t always work) and each seat had its own USB point. Very handy for when the iPhone battery decides to die once again!

How Does it Work

Once you've decided on which route you would like to take (there are a lot, take a look here) and paid the fare, you are emailed a confirmation along with a booking number and pin. Once you are in receipt of this you are quite literally ready to go. The booking and pin number allow you to make bookings online, which is quick and easy to do. They do recommend booking a least a day or two in advance as seats do fill up. We often booked just the day in advance and found two spaces no problem. Just remember you cannot go back in the direction you came from, just keep going north (in our case) or south if you were traveling Cairns to Sydney.

Our route went as follows:

  • Sydney > Byron Bay
  • Bryon Bay > Gold Coast
  • Gold Coast > Brisbane
  • Brisbane > Noosa
  • Noosa > Rainbow Beach
  • Rainbow Beach > Hervey Bay
  • Hervey Bay > Agnes Water
  • Agnes Water > Airlie Beach
  • Airlie Beach > Townsville
  • Townsville > Mission Beach
  • Mission Beach > Cairns

Jean in front of the Greyhound Bus

The Drivers

Each coach driver was very helpful and happy to help you out with any queries. They began each journey by introducing themselves, advising of the emergency exits on board and how to w.c. works at the back of the coach etc. Even on entering many of the cities and towns, they often advised where connecting buses and trains could be found which was very helpful, although our hostel was nearly always quite close to the bus stop. Unfortunately we did not catch all of their names however, a big thank you to Peter, Mark, Kevin, Peter, Ray, George, Robert and James for bringing us safely to all our destinations.

Would I recommend it?

I thought it was an excellent service, every bus ran on time (except one!) the drivers often checked to make sure they had everyone back on the bus even after a lunch/coffee break, they always arrived in to the destination on time and it was always a smooth and comfortable journey. With just one of us holding a licence I would not have fancied driving all those kilometres myself from Sydney to Cairns and therefore the Greyhound Bus was the best option for us.

Greyhound also featured some of my photos on their Instagram page here. And if you too decide to travel with them be sure and pop me an email I would love to hear from you!

Slån go foill - Jean

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