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Travel Tips – A Guide to the Australian Outback


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The Australian Outback is widely regarded as one of the most captivating, yet very demanding locations that you can visit anywhere in the world. This is why backpackers from all over the globe are drawn to the beauty of this country time and time again, in order to experience the enthralling nature of this alluring landscape. Despite, the truly awe-inspiring setting of the Australian outback, at times it can get a little rough. That’s why it’s critical to be well prepared as you make your way through this sunburnt country. To put your mind at ease, we’ve equipped you with some essential outback travel tips that will ensure your safety during your outback adventure, as you journey to some of the most remote regions of this breathtaking continent.

Kangaroos at sunset

The Australian bush can be quite demanding and to take on the challenge of attacking the outback alone, may land you in some unfortunate situations. Be sure to always travel in groups to have that security in case of an injury and to avoid getting lost. Going to the Australian bush will be truly unforgettable, but you do need to ensure that those cautionary measures are in place in case of emergency. An ample reserve of drinking water is a necessity in any situation, but is absolutely crucial in the conditions of the outback. It’s extremely important to ensure that you stay out of the sun as much as possible, because prolonged exposure will cause the loss of fluids and potentially other issues such as sunstroke or sunburn, that could drastically impact your health and the enjoyment of your journey.

Exploring the Australian outback can also be a great test of human strength and commitment. Many backpackers take on the challenge because they’re committed to pushing themselves beyond their limits. Most people think of themselves as capable of being able to achieve so much, and only when you go through a powerful ordeal, such as conquering the Australian outback, can you unlock the true potential of your mind. This attitude is what will allow you take your travels to even greater levels of exhilaration and adventure.

At times, our thrill seeking spirit may get the better of us and potentially tempt us into deviating from the highway. Although this may seem like a good idea to spice up your travels, it’s almost a guaranteed way to get lost. Be sure to stick to the highways. You can find lots of small towns and roadhouses on your travels, so don’t worry, you will definitely meet some unique and friendly local characters at these stops to add to your collection of travel stories. It’s also the perfect chance to restock and have that much needed shower.

Cold Beer

It’s essential that you have safe and reliable transport, and in the conditions of the outback, it’s crucially important to ensure your vehicle is in perfect working order. If you’re travelling by car, check the water, oil, brakes and never travel without a spare tyre.

Having an adequate food supply of slightly more than you need, is necessary to not only provide the sustenance for the strength required in these demanding conditions, but also in those unfortunate situations that you simply can’t plan for.
Whether you’re a novice or seasoned backpacker, you will most definitely benefit from preparing a survival kit. Include things like a first aid kit, torch, bottles of water, some candles, a knife, batteries, and some tinned food. Include the basics that will assist you in emergency situations. Most of the time the survival kit is completely unnecessary, but if you truly want to experience the Australian outback as it’s intended, then it may come in very handy indeed.

Creating a travel itinerary is necessary when planning your outback experience. Take the time to map out those locations along the way where you can stop and replenish supplies, petrol and other necessities, as the distances between stops can be significant. And remember to leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend.

Uluru - Ayers Rock

It’s vitally important to be thoroughly prepared, prior to embarking on your adventure. And, enough can’t be said about the importance of being well prepared for the challenging conditions of the outback, but you don’t want your trip to be so restricted to the point that there’s no space for those spontaneous opportunities for exploration and fun that will present themselves. Especially when visiting iconic landmarks like Uluru, you will be kicking yourself if you haven’t given yourself the time to explore the breathtaking expanse of this magnificent Australian icon.

Unfortunately, there are a number of our Australian national treasures that are a good idea to avoid while in the outback, such as crocodiles, dingoes, snakes, spiders as well as various lizards. And as cute as they are, it’s best to steer clear of kangaroos and koalas as they can become dangerous if they feel threatened. This is also a good reason to avoid driving during the night, because it is quite likely to bump into a kangaroo, or another form of wildlife bounding across the road.

Uluru - Animal Signs

It goes without saying, but you will most definitely encounter some wonderfully colourful characters as you venture through the outback. In Australia, we have some etiquette that’s deeply ingrained in the culture. At an outback pub on your trip, try using expressions like “pot a draught thanks mate” to order your next beer. This will ensure you’re welcomed with open arms and Australian’s are very friendly, accommodating and more than willing to offer you deeper insight into the unique Australian culture.

Travelling the Australian outback will be a memorable experience for backpackers from all walks of life. Nothing is more impressive than catching a glimpse of the unique local wildlife firsthand and absorbing the intriguing beauty of the Australian landscape. Of course, with all travel, there are a few safety concerns and that’s why you need to be prepared at all times. But rest assured that discovering this one of a kind location is worth its’ weight in gold. If you have an adventurous spirit, then the Australian outback is perfect for you! To travel in comfort, visit us today!